Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that’s lasted longer than three months

Understanding Chronic Pain

Pain is an unpleasant experience that happens when a part of your body is damaged, or could potentially be damaged – for example, if you twist your ankle, the pain stops you from using it and making the damage worse.

Chronic pain is pain that’s lasted longer than 3 months after the usual recovery period for an injury or health condition. It can also be caused by a long-term condition. Pain can start with a definite problem at a specific time, or it can come on gradually for no obvious reason. It can even come on some time after an event – you might manage an activity at the time, and then feel pain afterwards.

You might feel the pain in a specific part of your body, or it could feel like it’s everywhere. The pain can be there all the time, or it can come and go. Sometimes you might feel more sensitive to pain, and sometimes it can flare up – meaning it can become very bad – or get worse quickly and unexpectedly.

Pain is actually supposed to help you – it tells you not to use a part of your body that’s damaged, so it gives it a chance to heal. It’s like an alarm system in your brain, warning your body not to harm itself. With chronic pain, that alarm keeps going off even after the danger of further injury is gone.. 

Advice on how to cope with Chronic Pain

Self Help Resources for Chronic Pain

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