Children & Young People

Mental Health Support for Children & Young People as well as their carers

How do we support Children & Young People (CYP)?

Insight offers counselling to young people aged from 12 years upwards. 

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for a young person to speak about their problems with someone who is trained to listen. Sometimes it’s easier to speak with someone outside of the family and this can often be to not worry those closest to them.

Our qualified and experienced counsellors help the young person talk about their worries and problems. The counsellor will listen without judging and try to help the young person make sense of the thoughts and feelings they’re experiencing.

Knowing what steps we can take to support our mental wellbeing can help us feel better, sleep better and have better relationships with the people around us – and that goes not just for today but for the future too.

Understand the mental health of Children & Young People

Guides and Self Help Resources for Children & Young People

We have collated the best information available online to guide you through the mental health and self care of Children and Young People. 

Please Note: The above links take you to an external website with detailed information on self-help techniques. We cannot be held responsible for the content of any third-party websites.