As a Charity we do not charge a fee. Your donation can help us continue to provide our valuable service

Your donations help us provide over 5000 appointments per year. Without your support we would be unable to provide such a valuable service to the Tayside and Angus community.  Every donation we receive no matter how small makes a big difference to us.

Monthly donations will be automatically charged on your card once per month from the day you make your first donation. If you wish to change the date the donation is made, or to cancel the recurring donataion, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

Your donation will be primarily used with the sole intention of improving the lives of those within your community

Other ways to donate

We understand that not everyone likes to put their card details in online and we have a number of other ways in which you can donate to Insight Counselling,

  • By Standard Post

    Download our donation form and send a cash or cheque donation by post

  • Using Just Giving

    Use our Just Giving page to donate directly using various payment options

    Donate via Just Giving
  • With Donation Envelopes

    Donation envelopes are available from counsellors and at our office.

How your donation is spent

  • 48p goes directly to paying for our teams time
  • 35p goes towards our service costs which includes counsellor fees and our counselling software/IT support
  • 17p goes towards professional costs including communication, Governance and property costs

Our Fundraising Promise

  1. Your donation will be primarily used with the sole intention of improving the lives of those within your community,
  2. We will always be transparent, open and honest in respect to how fundraising and donation monies are spent with an open book policy in regards to our end of year accounts.
  3. We will always work and operate to the highest of standards to ensure equality and a fair, non-judgemental service.
  4. Should you wish to withdraw any donations you can do so in a simple and helpful manner without any further questioning regarding your decision.
  5. We will always respect your right to privacy and will never use or sell your data to further our cashflow, harass or otherwise contact you to request more monies nor put any pressure on you to regularly donate.
  6. We will always abide by the rules of the Fundraising Regulator and are honest, respectful and accountable to our supporters