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Insight Counselling is a registered charity. There is no charge made to use the service. However, we do rely heavily on clients making a donation towards the cost of their appointments. Your counsellor will discuss this with you. Making donations is voluntary and no-one is refused counselling if unable to donate.

We have a number of children and young people (under 18) who use our service. We ask parents/care givers to consider donations on their behalf.

As a guide, we would suggest a donation in the region of £5 to £10 per session for those on low incomes and suggest a donation of between £10 and £25 per session for those in full-time employment. If you were to seek out private counselling, charges can exceed £35 per session.

Insight Counselling can claim back any tax paid on donated monies through the Gift Aid scheme. We ask that you consider supporting our work in this way by signing a Gift Aid form.